Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map (paper version)

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The fourth edition of the Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map is now available. The updated map has hundreds of minor improvements (a handful of new location names, improvements to dozens of run names, a slope scale was added to the legend, the ski area rope lines and lift locations were updated, the lat/long lines are darker, etc). Beginning with this edition, three different map sizes are available, including a huge, one-sided wall map.

The Wasatch Backcountry Skiing Map is a full-color paper map that compliments the website, Android app, and iOS app. This is the fourth edition of the paper map which includes the names of almost 1,000 backcountry locations in the Central Wasatch (learn how the names were selected). The map has "reddish" shading on slopes that are 30° or steeper. It is double-sided and printed on waterproof paper (see information about map sizes, below).

The map includes a detailed index to the backcountry locations. You can use the "grid coordinates" that are listed in the index to find a location on the paper map. You can also enter a four-digit "online number" that is listed in the index to display the location on the "desktop" version of the map. For example, the four-digit online number for Mount Superior is 2854, so visiting https://wbskiing.com/2854 will display Mount Superior on your desktop computer.

All profits from the sale of the paper map are donated to organizations that promote avalanche safety or the preservation of the Wasatch mountains—I only deduct hard costs like printing, envelopes, and the cost to host this store (the non-profits get about $9 per map). You will be prompted to choose a non-profit before adding the map to your shopping cart.

You can choose to receive a "folded" map (which is what you'll want in the backcountry), two two-sided rolled maps (which can be hung on the wall or laid out on a table), or a large one-sided rolled map (the one-sided map is printed on traditional paper). The prices and sizes of the maps are shown when you select a size. You can also click on a thumbnail picture to see each of the three map sizes. The rolled (i.e., unfolded) maps are mailed in shipping tubes (much of the increase in cost for the unfolded maps is to cover the additional packaging and shipping costs).

You may also want to order the Avalanche Slope Ruler when you order a map.

You can also purchase the folded map from the Black Diamond Retail Store (2092 E 3900 South), Skimo Co (2477 Fort Union Blvd), Wasatch Touring (702 E 100 South), and White Pine Touring (Park City). When you buy the map from these stores, the profits are donated to the Utah Avalanche Center.