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The vRigger software lets you create rope rigging systems on your PC. Whether you perform mountain, swiftwater, industrial or urban rescue, or work in the industrial, rope access, or theatrical rigging industries, vRigger will help you design and illustrate your rigging systems.

  • vRigger features a modern interface that is similar to the interface found in Microsoft Office®. The "ribbon" at the top of the screen organizes common tasks into easy-to-locate panels.
  • Floating "gear panes" contain more than 300 pieces of gear. To add gear to your rigging system, you simply drag gear from a gear pane and drop it on the screen. And you can use the Gear Builder to add your own gear.
  • vRigger calculates the forces in your systems. The force calculations include mechanical advantage, friction, breaking strength, safety factors, and much more. Learn more about force calculations
  • Watch the free training videos to learn more about the vRigger software.

vRigger is available exclusively at vRigger.com.