eMedic for iPhone

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The original mobile field guide for medical professionals is now available for iPhones! From acronyms to algorithms, anatomical illustrations, emergency reference cards, and medicines, eMedic has over 1500 records that are searchable and cross referenced with our "see also" feature. Search from the master list or search by category, the data is available at the tip of your finger.


  • Acronyms & Abbreviations - eMedic includes more than 700 popular, relevant, medical acronyms.
  • Anatomy diagrams - More than 175 anatomical items are labeled in more than two dozen illustrations.
  • Algorithms - Provides an easy method to navigate complex medical algorithms—simply tap on a box to advance through the algorithm.
  • Medications - Medicine records summarize more than 400 of the most prescribed medicines. Also included are all popular emergency medicines and many over-the-counter meds. The summaries include popular brand names, generic names, manufactures, drug classes, indications, etc.
  • Treatments - More than 100 records cover medical and trauma emergencies—from Abrasions, to Chest Pain, to Hypernatremia.
  • Calculators - Apgar, Blood Alcohol, Blood Pressure Estimator, Burn Area, Conversion, Dosages, Drip Rates, ETT Size, Eye Assessment, Glascow scale, Oxygen Tank, Pediatric Trauma Score, Vitals Calculator, ECG Calculator, RSI Calculator, etc.

eMedic is available exclusively through the iTunes Store.