Avalanche Inclinometer (iOS and Android versions)

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Avy savvy backcountry skiers and riders know that three things count when it comes to the terrain’s influence on avalanches: the slope, the elevation, and the (compass) aspect. And Steve's Avalanche Inclinometer delivers all three. Sure, you can find plenty of inclinometers (also known as "clinometers") that are designed for carpenters, but the Avalanche Inclinometer is meant for people who spend time in avalanche terrain.

Th Avalanche Inclinometer shows the slope, elevation, and aspect in big fonts which are perfect for tired eyes in stormy (or too-bright-and-sunny) weather. And it doesn’t display a gaggle of tiny buttons and widgets to decipher when you should be skiing.

You may also want to order the Avalanche Slope Ruler to measure the slope on paper maps.

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